We hire people who want to join a strong cohesive team of individuals. We provide great support, compensation, benefits, and training. We pay for required training including apprenticeship school for our apprentices. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge on our team who have helped us groom our younger inexperienced employees enabling them to progress to the next level up to and including managing large projects. We are a privately owned company that is very transparent and approachable and are known for routinely helping our employees through whatever challenges they may face on or off the job. Most of our employees have been with us for years and we have a very low turnover rate because of the way we treat our people.


If you are looking for a rewarding career for the long term, TG Plumbing & Mechanical, Inc may be the place for you. Most of our employees have been with TG for many years and our turnover is extraordinary because we treat our employees the way we want to be treated. We provide all the incentives to remain long term having a team approach with the best pay and benefits in the industry.

As an employee, you can expect an environment that encourages you to perform at the highest level. We help all our employees to succeed in life and work.

We are always looking for long term employees looking for a long-term employment for the following positions:

If you’re interested in our apprenticeship program at TG, read more about our apprenticeship program below: